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Message from the National Office of the Committee to Free Lori Berenson
End Kangaroo Justice In Peru!
Stop the Exploitation of the Peruvian People!

Lori Berenson, a 30 year old human rights activist and freelance journalist from New York City, is currently serving a life sentence in Peru.  Convicted by a secret military tribunal and charged with being a leader of the MRTA (Movimento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru), she maintains her innocence and wants a chance to clear her name in an open civilian court.  Lori is only one of the thousands convicted by Peruís secret military tribunals which have been repeatedly condemned by human rights groups-- and even the US State Department.  Loriís treatment illustrates why Peruvian military tribunals do not meet international standards of due process.

She, a civilian, was convicted by a secret military court and sentenced by a faceless judge while a gun was held to her head.  Lori received no written notice of charges against her or meaningful access to her counsel.
She had no opportunity to know the evidence or refute it.  Nor was there an opportunity to present evidence on her own behalf or to cross-examine witnesses for the Peruvian Army.
The prosecutor and judge worked on the case with the military police from the beginning and were not independent recipients of evidence.
Prosecutors and judges-- members of the military-- are not always lawyers or even familiar with Peruvian law.
With a 97% conviction rate and totally secret proceedings, arrest by military police is
tantamount to conviction
We, seek an open and fair trial for Lori and the ending of the exploitation of Peru by foreign imperial powers through their hand picked satraps, Alberto Fujimori.  Such a situation causes massive economic inequality, immeasurable suffering, and tremendous devastation upon the natural ecology of Peru.  For further information please contact:

Friends of Lori in New Jersey

North Jersey Independent Alliance

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