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Who We Are

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    NJI is New Jersey's independent progressive political party, founded in the early '90s, and committed to promoting  democracy in the garden state.
        We know that the injustice we see all around us is no accident -  
                                           it is built into the system.
  • "Free Trade" exports jobs to third world countries
  • Federal Reserve policies slow the economy, reducing employment
  • Equal rights, environmental and labor laws are weakly enforced
  • Health care's a mess: even those with insurance get rationed care
  • Schools don't give our youngsters the tools they need to succeed
    The list could go on and on. The bottom line: we're convinced that Republicans and Democrats alike - we call them "Republicrats" - have failed us. 
    Members voting at quarterly meetings decide our policies. The Board of Trustees meets every month, and our officers take care of day-to-day business.
               NJI Board of Trustees Elected At Our 
              December 1997 General Membership Meeting
                  Chair- Steve Cooper
                  Vice Chair- Bob McCafferty
                  Secretary- Greg Pason 
                Treasurer- Stefan Neusteder
               At- Large- Sandy Shevak
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